Food Monday – Freshly Made with Colors in Lekki


Green Grill House Lekki

Hello Guys,

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I can’t start talking about the weekend I had, busy as usual. I spent sometime on my mini Lil projects that I will be announcing soon. The weekend activities I will be sharing in another post was different and ended up bagging new goodies for my wardrobe. Back to the food monday, where I am sharing one of my most exciting food experience yet. Yes I said anyways, For this week’s  food discovery I went all healthy and fresh just because I can :).

Lastweek I mentioned I stopped by a new spot in Lekki and I had been a customer since 2013 before they decided to open up their outlet in Lekki phase 1. So today I stopped by looking for something different and I mixed up a really nice plate of salad for myself. I am this excited because I love playing around with my food mixing colors and I had the opportunity to do that outside my house today for lunch. I also ordered smoothie to go with it because seriously it is an healthy bar so don’t even think of anything like coke to be there because they don’t have it for you.

They had like 5 salads I could pick from but because all the names where too complicated I easily went for suya chicken salad 🙂 Imagine that suya chicken, I never tried it but I decided to take a chance on it.

See pictures from my made of colors lunch

Green grill 2 Green grill 3

Green grill 5 green grill 6 Green grill 7

Green grill 8 Green grill 9 green grill 10 green grill 12 Green grill cover 1


I have always loved the salads from green grill house so even though I took a chance on mixing it myself I somehow had in my i was safe because i went for chicken suya. The chicken suya itself was not as expect because it did not taste like suya or have any suya spice, it just tasted like well seasoned chicken. I have to give it to them for being creative even to the dressing for the salad I had mine with yogurt, raspberry (something) and their basic dressing. My salad was really yummy because of the dressing, it did not look raw but had that foodie taste. For the pineapple & watermelon smoothie that came in a bottle, I liked but just did not understand why a small bottle cost N1000. Also I thought they made fresh juice like on the spot but although the juice was freshly made today from (So fresh market) but they bottled it which I did not like, maybe because of the price as well. I will totally recommend this place to people around and the ambiance speaks for itself you can also order healthy items to buy. It is a new place and I heard they will be offering a lot more soon.

What I had & Where 

Chicken Suya Salad & Pineapple-watermelon Smoothie


Green Grill House, No 4 Wole Ariyo Crescent Lekki Phase 1 (Click Link to location on google maps)

Have you been to green grill house or tried any of their salads in the past? Share your experience in the comment section below

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    • Haha, Not really it is healthy and really filling… You won’t need to exercise that much. I published the map please check it out