Food Monday – For the love of small chops in Lekki



I am very glad to say this blog has been around for a little over a month. It also excites me that I can really do this, it is my love for Lekki though. So today my post is a little late but I will be telling you how I discovered one of my favorite Owambe chops in Lekki.

Na serious matter o. I remember when my friends and I would be craving small chops randomly, we would have to order in bulk. Anyways, so a few weeks back I spotted a  new place opening on admiralty that called Jerry’s. Prior to their opening, I checked them out and they told me when they will be opening. So I stopped after the opened, just to check them out and hopefully try out whatever they had. Now their building was catchy with the very bold Yellow and big banner outside. So i quickly figured they did pastries.


I went inside and check their food layout which was not that much. The inquisitive me started asking what they offered. When i spotted finger foods on the menu, I sharply asked like small chops? The manager said yes. You have no idea how excited I was. It is not everyday a fast-food opens up that sells small chops in your end. Am like this is crazy, I quickly ordered for spicy gizzard kebab, samosas, spring rolls and chicken all that cost me less than N500. I was more surprised about how cheap it was, in such a fine looking place. Well I tried it out and it was not bad. For a fast-food I will definitely make it my top spot for when i want to munch. Since last week I have been there twice, just for their small chops. I also asked just for you guys, if they offer delivery in Lekki and they said they will start soon.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.11.22 PM

photo 2

photo 3

This one is for all you Lekki peeps, who crave small chops after the owambe parities. Well, you can have small chops for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Especially for one of my mates who is constantly on the small chops rave. The only thing missing from jerry’s small chops collection is the mosa* even without that i will still check in on their small chops.

photo 1

Jerry’s is located on No 28A Admiralty way Lekki phase 1.

Happy New week guys.