Food Monday – Chocolate Haven & Scoops of Belgian in Lekki


Ice cream factory lekki

Hello Lil Fam,

Hope everyone is still enjoying the long weekend. In my own case, I am back to reality after having such a lazy weekend resting and as usual Monday has a way of reminding you to catch up.  Anyways, I also spent sometime exploring and re-discovering my environment while petrol scarcity was trying to make the best out of everyone else with the long queues.

This weekend, I decided to visit an old spot that has been around for a long time but not until recently made lekki their home base. I wasn’t looking forfood this weekend because after eating salah* meat it is to find somewhere to top it up and this time I went looking for dessert.

I sometimes forget ice-cream factory is in lekki phase 1 and I have not been there in a while to try the dessert. I went around to re-discover their dessert and for this week’s food discovery I present to you my plate filled with chocolate haven and 2 scoops 🙂 See pictures for more.

ice cream factory 4 Ice cream factory lagos 1 ice cream factory lagos 2


ice cream factory 5


ice cream factory 7


I have not been to ice-cream factory in Lekki for their dessert partly because I had some bad experience at their former outlet in VI. I have some reservations about some of their desserts but I put that aside when I went there last weekend. I wasn’t fishing for anything so I got the attendant to tell me what to order and he actually did a good job of giving me options based on what he assumed I would like. That is how I ended up with chocolate haven and he was so convinced I would enjoy it. Chocolate haven is Velvety Chocolate Cream Cake served with two scoops of Belgian chocolate ice cream, topped with hot fudge chocolate sauce and whipped cream Only reading through the menu would make you even want it more. The chocolate haven got met smiling at the presentation 🙂 (Ice cream factory always delivers on presentation) and it was a lot more than I expected from looking at the menu. So I admired the piece of well put together art before diving in to drown in chocolate. The chocolate cream cake was really good however I did not enjoy the Belgian chocolate ice cream, I have never really been a fan of their ice cream at icf so I let it go but every other thing was good. It was a well deserved treat for the day.

Have you been to Ice cream factory recently? Share your experience and your favorite dessert at ice-cream factory.



    • It is so easy to miss them on admiralty. I think they need to work on more marketing for their brand (to keep their brand in people’s minds)

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