Food Monday – Chicken wrap at the take-out cafe in Lekki


‘Sao Cafe”

Hope you had a nice weekend. I had a really cool weekend and met some interesting people.

I barely had time to scout for food this weekend but I made up for that today with lunch. Today’s food monday post is about another take-out spot in Lekki, I remember the first time i was looking out for this place. I first saw them on an instagram post and I followed them. One weekend, I drove around Fola Osibo and I couldn’t locate the cafe on the street. I later found out that they only did delivery.

So this week’s food discovery is at Sao cafe, a takeout in Lekki. For lunch today I had Chicken & carrot wrap on a side of Fried plantain from sao cafe in lekki.

I know the whole combo might not be it but Fried plantain is a favorite and a replacement for fried chips.

See pictures from my chicken wrap takeout lunch

Chicken and carrot wrap 2

Chicken and carrot wrap 1

Saocafe lekki 1 saocafe lekki 2

saocafe chicken and carrot wrap saocafe plantain and sauce saocafe meal lekki Chicken and carrot wrap saocafe 3

chicken and carrot wrap 2 saocafe Saocafe lunch lekki 3


I will start from the menu. I follow them on instagram and from some of their posts I thought their menu was interesting because they had daily meal offerings. When I wanted to order, I knew I did not want their meal deal for today. I had my mind on the chicken wrap since last week when I saw it on instagram and went straight to look for it on the menu. I was happy they had chicken wrap and it was affordable. To my surprise when I called to order, they didn’t have a menu for sides. I therefore went for fried plantain and they said delivery was free on the island.
Delivery took 40minutes and I got my lunch before noon 🙂
The meal was well packed in cute sealed packs. The chicken wrap was a bit soggy when I was ready to eat it so I will advice a better packaging for that (Foil). The plantain came with a pepper and diced meat sauce (Completely yum). I thought the chicken and carrot wrap was alright.

For a takeout cafe the food is not bad and the price is very good. They mostly have variety for their daily meal deals, the rest of the menu was really simple.

Expecting more from sao cafe
because I hear they are opening an outlet soon in Lekki.

What I had & Where

Chicken & Carrot Wrap (N950)

Plantain and Sauce (N100)


Saocafe Lekki (Click link for contact details)

Have you tried the chicken & carrot wrap at Saocafe or any other meals from the cafe, Share your experience in the comment section below.