Food Monday – Breakfast of Coconut Flour pancake topped with melted Blueberries at Ediye in Lekki, Lagos


Hi Guys,

Hope you had a good weekend.

Its another week and our Food discovery post is about a new spot in Lekki ‘New Spot Alert’

We have been checking and waiting for this spot to open because we were so sure it would be a restaurant.

Sometime last week they finally opened and to our surprise, the name sounded weird and it was also an all in one spot. They do everything else and they have a restaurant. The name of the new spot is ‘Ediye’. The name made us more curious and last weekend, we checked out the restaurant and had breakfast for Dinner.

See pictures from the breakfast we  we had at the new spot in Lekki ‘Ediye


We did not expect so much considering it was a new place and we saw they had a gym, make up studio amongst other things. The restaurant area was interesting it was a patio and the restaurant seemed small more like a bar. We loved the Patio and most people were seating there.

It was not overcrowded, ambiance was on point. One of the waiters attended to us immediately showing us around based on were we wanted to seat. We were offered the drinks and food menu.

We assumed it was a proper Nigerian restaurant based on the name but the menu immediately convinced us it was nothing like that. Their menu was 90% continental with so many options ‘Impressive’. The prices were not smiling but they had good options, at the end they had a page for Nigerian meals which was basic.

We ordered breakfast for dinner because they stated they served breakfast till 11pm everyday. So we went with the healthy and light option ‘Coconut flour pancake with melted blueberries and fresh Juice’. The meal came with green tea but we asked if they could swap it for us and they gladly did.

The service was very good except we had to wait for a bit before we got our food. Four minutes became 15 minutes, we received our dinner and the presentation was impressive. We did not know what to expect so it was good, the pancake was fluffy and the melted berries were so yummy. It was served with syrup but we did not use it at all.

The Juice was fresh but like every other place they put so much ice cubes, we couldn’t taste much with time.

In general, the food was good and it seemed like good value for money. We only tried their breakfast and will go back for main soon.

What we had & Where

Coconut flour with melted berries and Juice – N3,000


Ediye restaurant in Lekki (Click to Locate in Map)

Have you been to Ediye or had any meals at their restaurant? Share your experience in the comment section below.