Food Monday – On Boli, Grilled chicken at Grind grill cafe in Lekki, lagos


Hi Guys,

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Our food Monday post this week is about a place most people might remember from 2 years ago when we went scouting and uncovered ‘Osapa London rice’

We stopped by Grind grill cafe last weekend after we spotted them in Lekki phase 1, which means they moved from Osapa London.

We sampled their food for lunch, see pictures of what we had at Grind grill cafe in Lekki below;


As huge fans of Grind grill’s grilled food, it was exciting to see their new outdoor lounge in a central place in Lekki.

We moved to try out their meals and the menu was still the same (Nothing new). We ordered for spicy grilled chicken with Boli and vegetable, Also the peppered chicken with fried yam chips.

Afternoons are not so busy at the cafe so it did not take them so long to serve both. The grilled chicken with boli and vegetable stir fry looked really nice.

The chicken was extremely nice and spicy while the other plate of peppered chicken was filled with oil. The peppered chicken was nice but it was the garnishing that made it less attractive and it was not as spicy. The vegetables  was nice and crunchy however they might have used too much oil while doing the stir fry as well similar to the peppered chicken.

The boli was well done unlike other places they slice it up and grill both sides, it was a perfect match. The Yam chips looked nice but had no taste extremely bland.

The interesting part is moving to Lekki phase 1 did not change their pricing strategy, the chicken still cost the same price. Still very affordable. We ordered their Osapa London rice to take away and the portion looked smaller than at their old location.

In general, the meal was alright, we would recommend their grilled food as always.

What we had & Where

Boli, Vegetable & Grilled chicken – N2000

Yam chips & Peppered chicken


Grind grill cafe Lekki (Click to locate in Map)

Have you been to Grind grill cafe’s new location in Lekki phase 1? Share your experience in the comment section below