Food Monday – Beef in Basket, Spicy Chicken hot pot, Suya Maki at Shiro Lagos


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We are back doing our thing with food Monday’s after being MIA and this week our discovery is about the new Asian fine dining restaurant in Oniru, Lekki. We are sure people are already guessing, yes new places in Lekki every now and then offering more and more things to do, well the only one place that has got everyone talking lately is Shiro Lagos.

Our food Monday review about Shiro is a 2 in one. We would do our mini review and also add a guest review for more opinions about Shiro.

We had Dinner with friends at Shiro Lagos last weekend and we definitely had an interesting time.

See pictures of what we had at Shiro Lagos

Starter – Thai Barbecue chicken & Spring rolls
Spicy chicken pasta
Spicy chicken hot pot with mushrooms


We definitely loved the ambiance and don’t think there is no place in Lagos that can’t get packed. On a Friday night the place was packed enough which was impressive. The upstairs space was so so nice but had poor lightening so it was hard to get good pictures.

It wasn’t so easy deciding on what to eat because everything you thought you knew was somehow different on their menu which made the exploring more interesting. Also if you pay too much attention to their menu you will almost not want to order anything because their prices are not smiling.

The service was slow the main and starter were served at the same time which made no sense to us. However the Thai style barbecue was shredded and very nice almost too filling for a starter. The chicken hot pot with mushrooms was actually spicy but it was already made it was the choice of the side with it. The pasta was the best main dish we had it was spicy and yummy.

The Shiro experience was alright and we our bill was about N35,000 including drinks.

Guest Review – Shiro Lagos by Ms Gowal 

We had a friend leaving town for a while and everyone suggested we all hangout to spend time with her.  As the so-called buggy one, I recommended Shiro Lagos so we could have conversations and hear ourselves clearly without having to shout across the table. I’m glad  I recommend Shiro because the ambiance was great.

We were welcomed at the reservation desk and ushered to a table. Incase you missed the mention at the top of the post Shiro is an Asian restaurant, we had a hard time with the menu lol. I ended up ordering the Prawn Suya Maki omg! it was delicious not sure it was at the right price tho 3,500 for 4 pieces.

                                     Prawn Suya Maki

The chapman is the worst I’ve had in Nigeria it was sour. Maybe it is Asian style Loool

Our waiter (Fred) was nice and efficient. I could tell they worked as a team because some other waiter helped with the service I noticed that for other tables too. The manager came by to check on us.

My friends order was interesting, Beef in basket with bell peppers, the basket was made of noodles which looked raw lol but edible, the Chicken was spicy and tasty.

Beef in basket with bell peppers

In all I had a good experience at Shiro Lagos.

Tips for dining at Shiro Lagos

1. Make reservations early so you don’t get disappointed walking in and the place is booked out.

2. Don’t be afraid to try new things on their menu, Just make sure you are paying close attention to the price of what you are ordering.

3. Get your wallet ready for your minimum spend for a proper meal could cost around N8,000 – N10,000 per person.

4. If you love taking pictures make sure you get a table downstairs.

5. For those who want to checkout Shiro Lagos, use our customised map to locate here 

Have you been too Shiro Lagos or tried any of the meal above, kindly share your experience in the comment section below