Food Monday – Another Jamaican Experience with Jerk Chicken Lunch at JamRock Lekki


Hi Guys,

Hope you had a good weekend. Our December to do list is coming together and while we are at it there are still new places opening up in Lekki. Today’s Food Monday is about a #Newspotalert which is the 5th Caribbean spot in Lagos, 4 out of the 5 are located in Lekki. Jamrock is one of them and it is relatively new. The new spot opened up in November and it is meant to be a fast food similar to the food truck.

We spotted Jamrock on Admiralty way, Lekki sometime in October, fast forward to the end of October we heard they were having an event there. We eventually stopped by last weekend to try out their Jamaican food options.

At the new Jamaican food spot ‘Jamrock‘ we had Jerk chicken with rice & peas from their lunch menu. See pictures below


We already had in mind Jamrock wasn’t a very fancy place, we did not however expect the place to look empty like they were not ready for any customers. All the chairs were up and we had to ask them if they are open for business since the chairs were telling a different story.

They had a small area which looked cosy with nice chairs. The menu had a good mix with options to choose from apart from the typical Jamaican food options. We spotted their lunch option on the menu, meals being offered inform of combos with regular sides.

We wanted to order the Brown stew turkey but apparently they did not have it. It is common for new places to have limited options available. We were told they had all the seafood options as well. We ordered Jerk chicken and one of the slush options ‘Ginger and Carrot’.

The Jerk chicken was served with a sweet sauce along with rice/peas and fried plantain. The portion was really small, which is allowed since it was from the lunch meal combo. The Jerk chicken sauce was sweet and the chicken was really spicy. We liked the Jerk chicken, the rice and pease was basic.

The Ginger and Carrot slush was served up in a Jar. It was an interesting choice and It was fresh. We like Carrot and Ginger mix and for those who don’t like Ginger, they had other Slush options. The food was alright, we noticed they had Rasta* burgers on their options, we were not in the mood to explore that. We will leave that for another day.

What we had & Where

Jerk Chicken, Rice and peas with Plantain – N1,700

Carrot and Ginger Slush – N1,000


Jamrock Lekki (Click to Locate in Map)

Do you have a favourite Jamaican food spot in Lagos? Share your experience at any of the spots in the comment section below.