Food Monday 20 – Pasta Frenzy in Lekki


“Heels in the Kitchen Lekki”

Hello Guys,

Hope you had a fun weekend? My weekend was super super cool I won’t exaggerate, I discovered some cool places and met some really cool people. Shout out to all the people I met this weekend 🙂 Keep in touch.

This weekend I ravished in some of the best of everything, from the pastries to the amazing small chops and then why we are here today…. “The pasta frenzy”. Ohh, if you have been following me on instagram you will see me teasing about the things I am getting up to and one of them is my food discovery for today.

Today on Food monday, I dined with #heelsinthekitchen (very sexy name), wait until you see the meal pictures. Now, I should let you know I had high expectations for this weekend’s food discovery.

For my meal I wasn’t sure it was an italian theme because the selection was only pasta but sometimes I always put on my james bond suit and tell them to surprise me. I selected a few add ons but the remaining was up to the chef because I was really hungry just starring at other people’s food. When my food arrived, it looked really nice such that I couldn’t stop taking pictures :). Then time to eat I was like, is this just it? As a Nigerian used to having chicken or beef on the side instead of in the food, I decided to challenge my tongue and surprisingly, it tasted really good! (Spices were on point, well peppered and i loved the colored garnishing with egg yoke).

I can’t even lie the food was really really good. See pictures for more

Pasta Frenzy

Pasta Frenzy

Frenzy 8

Frenzy 10

Frenzy 11

Frenzy 14

What I had & Where

Pasta Scampi

Nutella cake

@ Stranger Lagos (Heels in the Kitchen #Chefimoteda)

if you have tried any meals from Heels in the kitchen or you tried this weekend at stranger lagos Let me know your take by dropping a message below