Farmers Market, Film Club X Sunday, JL’s Bloggers meet up & Saturday Brunch In Lekki


Events in Lekki

Hello Guys,

Hope your week is riding steady? I am back with my post event catch up from all my weekend waka in Lekki. I somehow think I did not get up to much this weekend but then reviewing pictures from my camera I realized I had some fun moments in there and thought to share as always.

Unlike other weekends where I always have a plan, the past weekend I went with the flow anywhere belle face 🙂 On Saturday I visited the fig store for their every weekend farmers market. This is just like every other farmers market outside Nigeria except this is in Nigeria where you buy all your fresh produce (Fruits, veggies and others. This happens in Lekki every weekend from Friday to Sunday. See pictures from the farmers market.

farmers market 1 Farmers market 6

farmers market 3 farmers market 4

After the farmers market I went to Stranger Lagos for a celebratory brunch by #heelsinthekitchen. Remember my Sunday lunch at stranger? Well last weekend it got moved to Saturday and eat the blissful brunch with the stranger family with some funny conversations. It is always fun hanging with the chef and everyone there. For brunch we had a wide selection of French toast, scrambled eggs with salmon, sausages, syrups, and berries with drinks. It was a good way to round up my Saturday. See pictures from the Saturday brunch

saturday brunch Saturday Brunch 2 Saturday brunch 3 saturday brunch 5 Saturday brunch 6


Brunch main

On Sunday, I was invited to a bloggers meet up by Joel Ani a Nigerian accessory brand based in Lekki. The meet up was for bloggers to view their collection and mingle. The Lifestyle bloggers invited were a selected few and I was so glad I was invited (As a lekki goon). We had a lot to eat those yummy cupcakes, small chops, cocktails and then I fell in love with leather pouches. I spent so much time there I almost forgot about the film club at stranger 🙂

jl bloggers 2

jl bloggers 3 jl bloggers 4

jl bloggers

Finally I went to stranger Lagos for my every Sunday stop by, this time it was not for lunch at Stranger Lagos , it was moved but it was for film club. This was my first time attending the film club and I got there late so I missed out on the free popcorn 🙁 . The film showing was death of a life which was the documentary story of a woman that died in 2003 and her body was discovered 3 years in her house seating watching television. It was a really deep documentary that focused around her life, friends, lovers and family trying to understand how she could have died alone for 3 years without being discovered. I think it was different for everyone than the usual Hollywood or Hollywood we are used to watching, so people paid so much attention. I really liked it and definitely look forward to the next one. See pictures from the film club

film club 1 film club 2 Film club 4

If you stopped by any of this places last week/end (Film club, Farmers market, JL’s bloggers meet up), share your thoughts in the comment section. Also ,if you have further questions about the places featured, would love to see your comments.



  1. Hello,I bought some of your gruond pork and ground beef from the farmers market. I mixed the two meats one to one, seasoned with sea-salt and gruond black pepper only and grilled over a charcoal fire. I thought this meat made the best hamburgers I have ever eaten. My guests agreed.