Facials and Swedish massage at Paradise Medispa in Lekki, Lagos – Guest Review


This is a guest review from one of our readers about facials and swedish massage at a spa in Lekki.

After a long over due session my boyfriend organised a spa treat for me. He said someone recommended this spa in Lekki and I haven’t been there. Only seen them online. He went ahead to book an appointment for me. 

On getting there, the space is very artistic and relaxing. They have an open lounge/reception which seemed like a living room because of how spacious it was. They had interesting art pieces at the reception and the lounge space.

They kept to their time as soon as I got there and filled up the card the room was ready for me based on my appointment. The room was clean and simple. Decorated with artefacts just like the reception and the lounge. They had a mix of African and Bhuddaism pieces.

The masseuse was Nigerian and she was amongst 5 others ready to attend to customers coming in.

We started with steam bath for 15 minutes. I have been to some spa’s that their steam baths did not work so well so you end up getting half the experience. The steam bath was working well and I was sweating it out in less than 15 minutes. After the steam bath, we got into the Swedish massage which was actually for 30 minutes. The massage was just fine and relaxing but not relaxing enough to make you fall asleep, it could have been better.

After the massage the facials started and trust me I was using my timer to be sure I got actual value for what I paid for.

The facials was a mini one not the full packaging which includes exfoliation and all.

They started with cleansing, they did that twice and then moved on to scrub. The scrub took about 15 minutes but it wasn’t harsh on my skin it was relaxing in a way from my face to my neck.

She went on to apply face mask to dry up for about 5 minutes and then cleaned it. She then massaged my face gently to my neck it was the best and relaxing.

I would recommend the facial session. I thought the body massage was just alright I have had better in other places.

Massage – 45 minutes

Facials – Cleanse, Mask & Scrub

Cost – Facials for 45 minutes N20,000
(Swedish massage 30 minutes cost N5,000)

Steam 15 minutes – N2,500

Paradise Medispa Lekki (Click to view in Map)

This is a guest review by Shakirat.

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