Buffet on a Budget in Lekki – Check out these places


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We got an enquiry from a reader about affordable buffet places in lekki and thought it would be good to share more details about that here.

BLD by Play and Red beryl lounge in lekki phase 1 have the most affordable buffet’s in Lekki. Both restaurants have buffets for N2,500.

BLD By play buffet is only Nigerian cuisine which isn’t bad for the price. They have a good variety, we really liked their plantain porridge with vegetables. It is all you can eat but since it is only Nigerian food there is only so much you can eat after 1 or 2 plates.

IMG_6021 IMG_6020 IMG_6022

Red Beryl Lounge‘s buffet is only available on Sundays. They have a mix of Nigerian and continental dishes, their buffet doesn’t have as much variety but there is more than enough for everyone. They have 1 or 2 starter options and mostly main dishes. If you are looking for a buffet on budget you should check them out on a sunday. They don’t have a big space so it is better to go early before it gets rowdy.

Red beryl buffet 4 Red beryl buffet 5 red beryl buffet 8

Lekki Oxford Hotel, Agungi Lekki (Price not confirmed)

They offer buffet’s every sunday and it is for all you can eat from 1pm to 5pm. This is unconfirmed if they still do it but as at earlier this year they still had the buffet for an affordable price.

We also checked out other restaurants that have buffet options that are not as affordable. Also noticed most big hotels around lekki offer Buffet. Here are some you could check out.

Four points by Sheraton – See pictures from what we had at Brazzerie restaurant at Four points by Sheraton. Their lunch buffet goes for N7,500

IMG_8667 IMG_6270 IMG_6268

Protea hotel Oakwood – Another good place for Sunday brunch, their buffet is exciting with a lot to choose from. They are one of the oldest hotels in lekki. Their buffet used to cost N6,000. Not sure how much it is now.

Lily gate hotel – We checked out Dunya restaurant’s buffet last year and thought they had a good variety. Their buffet is only for sunday brunch and it used to cost N5,000 as at last year, we confirmed this year the price is N7,500. Read post 5 cultures & a view

With the price of tomatoes going up we can’t say if some of these prices will remain but you can still check them out when looking for a good place for sunday brunch/buffet in Lekki.

Use our Map to locate all the places features

Hope this was helpful.

Have you tried the buffet at any of the places featured? Share your experience in the comment section below.