Breakfast on a Budget – Real vs Unreal breakfast at Spurs, Lekki, Lagos


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Another interesting discovery in Lekki while looking for a breakfast spot on our limited budget. Our friend suggested we go to Oniru to try out the breakfast at Spurs in Lekki.

The plan was to have a good breakfast on our budget and here is what we had for breakfast at Spurs. We had the option of real double breakfast vs unreal breakfast and we ordered both. See pictures below;


This was our first time at the Spurs in Lekki, located at Landmark towers Oniru. We have had a few things from their menu in Ikeja but not their breakfast.

We got there after they stopped offering their breakfast, the waiter was nice enough to still get us breakfast. We ordered the unreal breakfast which came with bread or fries and fried egg which was basic. We ordered baked beans and chicken sausage with the breakfast which was an add-on. Our friend ordered the real breakfast which came with 2 of everything including the eggs, fries and bread as well. They also gave us butter, the real breakfast was served with tea but unreal did not come with any beverage.

See pictures Real vs Unreal

Real breakfast
Unreal breakfast

The unreal breakfast is not what we would recommend on a budget even if they had the option of brown bread for N1000. It was almost nothing without the sides which came at extra cost (Sausages and baked beans). The real breakfast is a better option and much more filling if you make it a proper english breakfast with the sides. If you also want to spice up your unreal breakfast you can get the waffle option without ice-cream.

What we had & Where

Real breakfast – N1,000

Unreal double breakfast – N1,800

Chicken sausage – N700

Baked beans – N250

Spurs ‘Landmark Towers’ Oniru, Lekki (Click to locate in Map)

Have you had the breakfast options real or unreal breakfast at Spurs anywhere in Lagos? Share your experience in the comment section below