Food Monday – Penne A La Vodka at Bistro 7 Lagos Express in Lekki, Lagos


Hi Guys,

We are such huge fans of Bistro 7 in VI, we were excited when we saw a post on Lost in Lagos’s page on Instagram saying Bistro 7 is coming to Lekki. You can imagine what was going through our minds, another nice place to dine especially since we like their breakfast options.

Sometime last December, we stopped by the palms shopping mall and it occurred to us we have not been to the food court in a while, we walked through and spotted Bistro 7 express, we were excited and very hopeful.

The outlet looked very different and the express gave us an idea it was a bit like a fast food. We spoke to the attendants and realised like most places around, they had limited options even if the menu seemed extensive.

They displayed their specials to be burgers and wraps but we were not in the mood for any of those. We wanted proper food so we opted for their pasta option ‘Penne a La vodka’. We also ordered the Chicken sojourn on the side as well.


First Impression – We thought the attendant’s barely knew what they were actually selling. We had a hard time discussing options with them. They acted like they did not want any customer to buy with their attitude (Note: The place was empty).

When they served the food, the chicken Gojorun was tasteless and it was meant to be nice. However, the Penne a la vodka was much better and spicy. It was definitely better without any protein.

The food was definitely not close to the standard at Bistro 7 Lagos HQ. It got us thinking why did they think this was a better idea, Maybe the burgers and pizza’s might be alot better than what we had.

What we had & Where

Chicken Goujons – N1,500

Penne a La Vodka – N1,200


Bistro 7 Express in Lekki