Beryl’s Sunday Brunch Yay or Nay?


Hello Guys,

Happy new month. This week’s food discovery is about sunday brunch at Red beryl lounge in Lekki. There are not that many places that offer sunday buffet in lekki except hotels.

We first heard about the lounge when we stopped by at feffereti mall and then instagram gave us insights to their sunday brunch which seemed affordable, so we decided to check out with friends last sunday.

Our sunday brunch was traditional and continental at red beryl, see what we had for brunch at red beryl’s buffet

Red beryl buffet 4 Red beryl buffet 6 Red beryl buffet 3 Red beryl buffet 7 Red beryl buffet 10 red beryl buffet 9 red beryl buffet 8


We visited red beryl lounge once in the past so we sorta knew what the ambiance was like, the lounge is pretty cozy. They had a reservation for a birthday so they had to give us a space close to the bar.

 The buffet did not have as much variety as we would have expected only 2 starter options (pepper soup and corn soup).

We had chicken pepper soup which was just alright, it wasn’t spicy. For main we tried the gambo rice with sausages and chicken, seamed chicken, shredded beef sauce and chicken. The seamed chicken really did not have any taste and it was too dry. The beef and chicken sauce wasn’t bad at all, the gambo rice was not as exciting as we would have hoped. Two of us had it and we thought it was dry.

The other person had Egusi soup and pounded yam, he rated it 5/10 and said the egusi had a lot of oil.

From all this we were not excited about the brunch. The buffet was however affordable so if you are trying it out don’t have high expectation.

What we had & where

Sunday Buffet N3,500 (Updated N2,500)


Red beryl lounge lekki

Have you sunday brunch/buffet at red beryl lounge in lekki? Share your experience in the comment section below.

The brunch cost each of us N3,500 thats the fixed price for the buffet without drinks.



  1. Wow, this review is so far from the truth. I was actually there that Sunday attending my friend’s birthday brunch and it was AMAZING!

    And where else would you get a buffet for N2500? 2 starters is very reasonable! they also served bread rolls as a starter. I had 4 types of rice and other stuff!

    I think i even saw you guys at the bar complaining and you had like 3 helpings! LOOOL! that seems like a lot for someone who didn’t like the food.

    • I actually agree with Olu above. That’s my spot man. I always leave fully satisfied and for N2500 I will be there every Sunday. The N3500 is the DealDey Package I think that comes with dessert.

    • Hi Olumide,

      It was not us you saw complaining at the bar because we did have more than 2 plate each (in the pictures) Starter and main.

      The buffet was affordable but there was no variety and like we said the food was just alright.

      Thank you for stopping by.