Agrotour – Eweko Concept Vegetable farm & Pepper cluster in Epe


Hi Guys,

We are introducing a new our Agro-tour series exploring Agriculture in Lekki/Epe axis in Lagos. This time our exploring took us on the road to Epe visiting farms.

For most people that don’t know much about what Epe has to offer, we have a road trip package to visit the beautiful town and yes it is in Lagos.

So many changes going on in Epe as they are doing major road network construction. Most of the major roads leading in and out of Epe have been fixed which is impressive for those that still think Epe looks like a village.

Here is a sneak peak @ the road construction in Epe.

Our first stop on our Agro-tour is Eweko Concept which is an organic cluster farm in Eredo, Epe. We visited the farm and met with the owner who showed us around and told us more about what he is trying to achieve and how they want to promote Agriculture. Eweko concept works with other indigenous farms in Epe.

At Eweko concept’s cluster farm we spotted some of the vegetables and herbs they planted on the farm while others have recently been harvested.

We learnt about organic farming and how they don’t use pesticides or fertilisers on the farm. They also use preventive measures to protect the crops from insects and make sure the environment is kept clean.

Some of the vegetables planted include chilli pepper, Dil herbs, Carrots, Spinach, Cabbage, Butternuts, Lagos spinach, Cucumber and other vegetables.

We got to see them water the plants and also tomatoes after they recently harvested them. We are learning more about Agriculture and also organic farming at farms in Epe. We have more to share on our next Agrotour visit.

Would you like to know more about Agriculture or would like to Join our Agrotour, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.