A few of my Favorite things in Lekki; This Month


Hi Guys,

I have had so much fun scouting around this month and I decided to share with you some of my favorite things in lekki this month. The list is short but worth it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.25.36 AM

1. I have not been to the cinema in a long time until recently to see mad max; Fury road at genesis deluxe cinema in Lekki. The movie was really amazing, my favorite characters where Tom Hardy (he is a fantastic actor), Charlize theron and Immotan Joe’s wives. The movie was epic, glad I went to see it after my brother and friends told me so much about it.


2. Yesterday, I had the parfait for the first time in Nigeria at Green grill house in Lekki and it was Yumoff. It was the perfect breakfast and it was so filling for breakfast. It cost N1000 and I was willing to get more. This has to be my favorite simple breakfast this year apart from toast and honey.


3. In recent times, I have been doing a lot of discoveries around Arts in Lekki and my favorite this month was the exhibition at boconcept in Lekki featuring Peju Alatise and Yetunde Ayeni-babaeko’s works. My favorite from the exhibition was the changing faces canvas showcasing multiple behaviors which was truly inspiring.

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4. I mentioned in an early post that my friend was in town for a bit and we had so much fun catching up which led me to my 4th favorite thing this month. The marcello stir fry pasta from Angle villa’s barangular restaurant. We went out to get dinner after a long day and I ordered pasta, it was the best ever, nicely spiced with mixed vegetable and grilled chicken. It was definitely worth the money because I couldn’t finish it and still took it home to have for lunch the next day.


5. This is for my shopping wakas which comes in 5th on the list of my favorite things this month. I bagged myself a N1000 vintage big shirt at the mercado shopping event 2 weeks ago in lekki from Morni’s vintage, super cool. When I saw it I already imagined how I was going to rock it, very beachy, relaxed and simple outfit. It doesn’t get better than that, still excited about it 🙂


If you enjoyed my list please share some of your things this morning. I can’t wait to hear some of yours.