A few Numbers you should know in Lekki – Emergency Services


I have been wanting to put together a post like this in a while but I have not had much time. The main aim of this post is to give you a few tips with some numbers you should know living around here. This post will be updated in the near future and hopefully I will break it down the same way as the lekki traffic schedule for different areas. For now here are few helpful numbers you should know around here.

  1. LASEMA Response Unit – This is new and very important for everyone livinginlekki and also Lagos. LASEMA is Lagos response unit for Accident | Fire | Robbery | Rape | Violence. The contact number is toll free 776 or 112 only in Lagos.

2. LCC Hotline – Wondering how this is helpful? Lekki concession is the company in charge of Lekki express way including all the tolls and they offer to toll your vehicle if it is stuck anywhere on the expressway to the closest place to your house or your mechanics as long as it is on lekki express way. I found out that a lot of people find this useful and I also had an incidence where they came in handy. Even if you don’t call them they are always hanging around to help anyways. Incase you need to call them here is their number 0800 22 555 22 (0800 CALL LCC)

Lekki 1 Fire service

3. Fire service – I know this might come as a shock because you might be like seriously why will I need to call them. After seeing a lot of things happen around Lekki in recent times I think it is safe to say this number might come in handy for your house or the nearest location. Trust me fire service in Nigeria now works (They might just stall for a bit). There is a fire response in lekki phase 1 at pavilion but I have not seen it there lately or put the number on here. I am working getting the right information if they are still operating from pavilion for lekki 1 – Contact number is 012712431 and 012712432

However the fire station in lekki is located on the express way – Epe Expressway, opposite Abraham Adesanya Estate, Lekki Phase II, Lagos.

Lekki ambulance

4. Lekki Phase 1 Residents Ambulance service – This is another important number people around Lekki 1 should know because the ambulance service works with some of the major hospitals in the estate. The hotline numbers for services is 01-2708159 and 08022338167.

Some other contact numbers I will be including here in the updated post will be for delivery and emergency contact details you might find helpful.

If you would like to include other useful numbers to this list for emergencies kindly share in the comment section and I will vet it before updating the post.