2015 in View – My Lekki To Do list (What I have Done So Far)


Remember the first post in 2015 was about the things I had never done in lekki and would like to do in 2015, well on today’s post I will be catching you up on what I have accomplished so far from the Lekki to-do wish list.

So far I have covered only 7 on the to-do list and it is unbelievable how exciting the experience has been. Now I know that I made a list with 20 things but then I probably did not factor some things when putting the list together e.g Money (But I am hopeful with 6 months to go). Here is what I have been able to do so far.

Take Keke maruwa from 3rd round about

This was one of my mini adventures recently, I made sure I did not drive to the salon which is located at the 3rd roundabout so I would be able experience using keke within the estate. Note – I have been on keke in other parts of lagos but this was a first for me in Lekki. Sadly I couldn’t take a picture because I was alone but stay tuned on instagram I will post a picture on my next keke ride in Lekki.

Visit an art gallery in Lekki


I did not realize lekki had this much to offer until I started “Living In Lekki” and I discovered some really cool places like art galleries in Lekki. I wrote a post about Lekki for Art so you can read about my art gallery visit to the Nike Art gallery in Lekki.

Go on a food tour on Lekki Expressway

One Lagos 77

I started my food tour on Lekki expressway in March and I have been to a couple of places off the expressway making new food discoveries such as Osapa London rice/stew at Grind grill, Phillygidicheesesteak at Bbq & cravings and Calamari on a bed of grapefruit at One 77 Lagos. I also visited other places on the expressway that I have not written about on the blog e.g Spicebowl, Cajun chicken, Gallery Cafe and Pauls.

osapa London rice

Visit Jakande Market

Jakande Market

I know you must be tired of me telling you about my visit to the Lekki Jakande market to discover really cool arts and craft but it was a major highlight for me this year, and in particular for “Living In Lekki”. It’s one of the Lekki wonders I can’t get over. Check out the posts about my visit to the market.

Eat from a food truck in Lekki

Truck food 1

All the food discovery isn’t complete without the modern road side food aka Food truck. They are not exactly new in Lagos but not what you see everyday, I spotted the trend growing last year and decided to try them out this year. Even though my food truck experience was with shawarma just outside Aramis in Lekki, it still felt like I was in Times Square with the lights on Admiralty at night.

Truck food 3 Truck shawarma I was starving and the shawarma really made so much sense. I will definitely do this again very soon.

Sign up for Gym membership in Lekki

Staying fit 🙂 Apart from the dance classes around Lekki I made it one of the things I had to do this year to sign up to a Gym in Lekki. I am trying to keep up with my body and the new gyms in Lekki have been really encouraging, I signed up one of the most exclusive (Fully packed) gyms in lekki and one of the most affordable around here (Fitness Central) just for N10,000 Yipeee! It don’t get better than that (I will be doing a review on other new gyms in lekki soon, watch out for that).

Fitness 2

Buy jewelry in Lekki

Lekki Market for jewelry

I only realized recently how much I spend on online shopping and less on offline when I visited the lekki market. I ended up making up my to-do shopping for jewelry at the haven market in Jakande, if you read my post about the finds at the market you will see a lot of accessories (Jewelry). I purchased one for a good price a the market.

This sums up my list so far for 2015 and I will be revisiting at the end of the year with full details of all I have done this year that is different 🙂

Click on each link to read the post discovery and also locate the places in Lekki



  1. There actually a lot to do in Lekki which actually surprising I do a lot of exploring myself. I love going to New Market which sells everything at affordable prices. It even as salons, boutiques should check out. If I am not walking, I get keke everywhere such cheap and quick means of getting around.
    You should do a piece on Bukas in lekki,what do you think?